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    OrtaShyas® - Style & Elegance

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    Get comfortable shoes that do not compromise your style

    Do you know those foot and leg pains that persist for years and that you get used to?

    Thinking especially about the daily comfort of our customers, we joined a group of designers and orthopedic surgeons to create the new orthopedic shoes. OrtaShyas®

    Now, you can maintain your elegant style while providing comfort and ensuring that your feet and posture stay in the correct position.


    Suitable for working on your feet all day!

    According to a study carried out by Cambridge orthopedic surgeons, foot pain is due to incorrect foot position. That is why we have developed an insole that keeps the spine in the correct position. So that the intervertebral discs of the back remain healthy and foot pain is eliminated.

    In addition to being elegant, OrtaShyas® allows you to walk on your feet throughout the day, whether at work, home or anywhere, and end the day without pain!


    Why OrtaShyas® is perfect for you?

    ✅ The non-slip sole provides more security and stability when walking

    ✅ Our shoes are designed to maintain the natural shape of the feet, providing more comfort. In addition, its fabric is breathable and prevents sweating.

    ✅ Designed by orthopedic surgeons, we spent a lot of time studying the best way to relieve foot pain through these shoes.

    ✅ Elegance and style: Our designers spend a lot of time finding the perfect solution to create a shoe that can be worn on different occasions and impress your friends.

    ✅ Smooth every step of the day

    ✅ Reduces pressure on the heel

    ✅ Relieves heel pain and plantar fasciitis

    ✅ Helps maintain good posture

    ✅ Sophisticated design


    See what those who have tried it have to say about the OrtaShyas®


    Anthony Moore


    I'm a nurse and I'm on my feet all day. Wow, most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, 10 hour night shift with no issues will definitely recommend these shoes. No problem with my new comfortable shoes :)

    🧡 23

    Benjamin Taylor


    I love these. Super comfortable, very good ankle support. I'm on my feet all day, this is just what the doctor ordered. I will buy another pair. I can finally walk without pain, thank you very much!

    🧡 37

    Henry Anderson


    I have to walk a lot at work. With these shoes, there is absolutely no problem. I can't live without them anymore. And they are healthy for my joints too!

    🧡 43



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